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Dx Information for VU2 / Sunrise time : 00:55z / Sunset time : 13:09z
De Freq.   Dx Obs. Time Country LoTW Band/Mode
YV8ER 14 195,00 India VU2QRZ.com ? Tnx 4 contact 0139z 18 August India   20m/Phone
K3VA 21 010,90 India VU2QRZ.com ? pirate? 1457z 20 July India   15m/Cw
I5TYQ 21 020,00 India VU2QRZ.com ? 1251z 30 September India   15m/Cw
UU9JDP 21 250,00 India VU2QRZ.com ? 1701z 07 May India   15m/Phone
2E0CPM 28 499,00 India VU2QRZ.com ? XO oops correct callsign now 1549z 08 April India   10m/Phone