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Dx Information for VK4SDD / Sunrise time : 19:01z / Sunset time : 08:02z
De Freq.   Dx Obs. Time Country LoTW Band/Mode
RW4LC 14 185,00 Australia VK4SDDQrz Rvb cq cq Contest 1133z 25 October Australia   20m/Phone
R7CA 14 185,00 Australia VK4SDDQrz Rvb CQ-WW-SSB 1131z 25 October Australia   20m/Phone
RW4LC 14 185,00 Australia VK4SDDQrz Rvb CQ Contest 1130z 25 October Australia   20m/Phone
UA0ACG 28 433,00 Australia VK4SDDQrz Rvb 0350z 25 October Australia   10m/Phone
AD6E 28 442,00 Australia VK4SDDQrz Rvb 0318z 25 October Australia   10m/Phone
W4EG 28 442,00 Australia VK4SDDQrz Rvb 0233z 25 October Australia   10m/Phone
W6XK 28 442,00 Australia VK4SDDQrz Rvb 0224z 25 October Australia   10m/Phone
N6NBV 28 434,00 Australia VK4SDDQrz Rvb 0120z 25 October Australia   10m/Phone
N5KDV 28 457,00 Australia VK4SDDQrz Rvb USB 0056z 25 October Australia   10m/Phone
KD0FW 28 457,00 Australia VK4SDDQrz Rvb 0050z 25 October Australia   10m/Phone
N3RC 28 446,00 Australia VK4SDDQrz Rvb 0011z 25 October Australia   10m/Phone
OD5ZZ 14 255,00 Australia VK4SDDQrz Rvb 0459z 24 October Australia   20m/Phone
UA9UDR 28 488,00 Australia VK4SDDQrz Rvb nice signal 1013z 07 October Australia   10m/Phone
ES4IN 14 250,00 Australia VK4SDDQrz Rvb Stuart 0507z 30 August Australia   20m/Phone
YT2AZD 14 250,00 Australia VK4SDDQrz Rvb 73,,,zika------corekt 0503z 30 August Australia   20m/Phone