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Dx Information for UA0QQW / Sunrise time : 21:37z / Sunset time : 08:14z
De Freq.   Dx Obs. Time Country LoTW Band/Mode
RX0AX 14 170,00 Asia Rus Vladivostok UA0QQWQrz Rvb 73 1141z 19 October Asia Rus Vladivostok   20m/Phone
RU9U 14 172,00 Asia Rus Vladivostok UA0QQWQrz Rvb 1222z 05 August Asia Rus Vladivostok   20m/Phone
RZ9WWB 14 160,50 Asia Rus Vladivostok UA0QQWQrz Rvb 73! 1143z 22 July Asia Rus Vladivostok   20m/Phone
RU0BW 14 145,00 Asia Rus Vladivostok UA0QQWQrz Rvb 1012z 26 June Asia Rus Vladivostok   20m/Phone
RA0ZIJ 14 126,00 Asia Rus Vladivostok UA0QQWQrz Rvb CQ CQ 0932z 01 June Asia Rus Vladivostok   20m/Phone