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Dx Information for SV3DVO / Sunrise time : 05:18z / Sunset time : 15:08z
De Freq.   Dx Obs. Time Country LoTW Band/Mode
HB9CAT 50 180,00 Greece SV3DVOQrz Rvb JN46LA<ES>KM08UF QRG correct 0812z 22 June Greece   6m/Phone
ON8SV 50 180,00 Greece SV3DVOQrz Rvb JO20CL<ES>KM08UF Patras 0756z 22 June Greece   6m/Phone
DK5RV 50 155,00 Greece SV3DVOQrz Rvb JN67BU<ES>KM08VF 0846z 16 June Greece   6m/Phone
OE5FSL 50 155,00 Greece SV3DVOQrz Rvb JN68XD<>KM08UF QSB 0830z 16 June Greece   6m/Phone
DL6KA 50 155,00 Greece SV3DVOQrz Rvb Manolis ef charisto 0808z 16 June Greece   6m/Phone
F1RDL 50 160,00 Greece SV3DVOQrz Rvb JN25KU<ES>KM08UF 73 1159z 15 June Greece   6m/Phone
F1NZC 50 161,00 Greece SV3DVOQrz Rvb 1141z 15 June Greece   6m/Phone
DL8MFU 50 161,00 Greece SV3DVOQrz Rvb 73 from DL! 1141z 15 June Greece   6m/Phone
F1ADG 50 163,00 Greece SV3DVOQrz Rvb JN36DD<ES>KM08UF 1759z 14 June Greece   6m/Phone
IZ5EME 50 163,00 Greece SV3DVOQrz Rvb JN52NS<ES>KM08UF 1752z 14 June Greece   6m/Phone
EA3HJT 50 163,00 Greece SV3DVOQrz Rvb JN01NI<ES>KM08UF 1751z 14 June Greece   6m/Phone
F1HMR 50 276,00 Greece SV3DVOQrz Rvb JT65 1709z 13 June Greece   6m/Phone
OE5MAO 50 170,00 Greece SV3DVOQrz Rvb 59++ 1235z 13 June Greece   6m/Phone
F1MWV 50 170,00 Greece SV3DVOQrz Rvb CQ 57 1229z 13 June Greece   6m/Phone
F1BBI 50 170,00 Greece SV3DVOQrz Rvb JN24BC<>KM08UF tnx for qso,73. 1220z 13 June Greece   6m/Phone
EA3HJT 50 276,00 Greece SV3DVOQrz Rvb JN01NI<ES>KM08UF JT65A 1952z 04 June Greece   6m/Phone
UW1HM 50 276,00 Greece SV3DVOQrz Rvb 1917z 04 June Greece   6m/Phone