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Dx Information for SM4PEL / Sunrise time : 08:44z / Sunset time : 12:11z
De Freq.   Dx Obs. Time Country LoTW Band/Mode
PD7FT 14 178,00 Kiruna SM4PELQrz Rvb Tnx +40 1532z 25 November Kiruna   20m/Phone
EA6FA 7 164,10 Kiruna SM4PELQrz Rvb thanks peter :)) 2210z 13 November Kiruna   40m/Phone
TA5FA 28 431,00 Kiruna SM4PELQrz Rvb 1027z 12 October Kiruna   10m/Phone
SV2HYB 28 431,00 Kiruna SM4PELQrz Rvb 73........... 1017z 12 October Kiruna   10m/Phone
LY6A 14 282,10 Kiruna SM4PELQrz Rvb 0950z 12 October Kiruna   20m/Phone
EW8OG 14 282,00 Kiruna SM4PELQrz Rvb Scandinavian Activity Contest 0941z 12 October Kiruna   20m/Phone
RK9CYA 14 311,80 Kiruna SM4PELQrz Rvb SAC-SSB 0915z 12 October Kiruna   20m/Phone
RX7T 14 267,00 Kiruna SM4PELQrz Rvb 1603z 11 October Kiruna   20m/Phone
N3QE 21 369,80 Kiruna SM4PELQrz Rvb 1341z 11 October Kiruna   15m/Phone
CN8YZ 14 182,00 Kiruna SM4PELQrz Rvb 1753z 27 June Kiruna   20m/Phone
PD5MVH 14 208,00 Kiruna SM4PELQrz Rvb Peter 59 BBC audio Hi Hi 0722z 26 June Kiruna   20m/Phone