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Dx Information for NS1O / Sunrise time : 10:54z / Sunset time : 22:08z
De Freq.   Dx Obs. Time Country LoTW Band/Mode
LW1DXH 21 076,00 Massachusetts NS1OQrz Rvb JT65 2045z 11 October Massachusetts   15m/Digimode
AB4B 50 013,00 Massachusetts NS1OQrz Rvb clg CQ 1416z 27 May Massachusetts   6m/Cw
EA1YV 28 076,00 Massachusetts NS1OQrz Rvb IN52OC<ES>FN43 2025z 29 April Massachusetts   10m/Digimode
G0JEI 28 077,00 Massachusetts NS1OQrz Rvb tnx -17 ho ho 1734z 22 December Massachusetts   10m/Digimode
F4BAL 28 076,00 Massachusetts NS1OQrz Rvb tnx QSO 1434z 04 December Massachusetts   10m/Digimode
IZ0MIO 28 076,00 Massachusetts NS1OQrz Rvb Hi Allen... Tnx Bye bye !!! 1419z 05 November Massachusetts   10m/Digimode
F1AEY 28 076,00 Massachusetts NS1OQrz Rvb JT65 1422z 30 September Massachusetts   10m/Digimode