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Dx Information for N4DPU / Sunrise time : 10:29z / Sunset time : 00:50z
De Freq.   Dx Obs. Time Country LoTW Band/Mode
VA7JML 14 230,00 Georgia N4DPUQrz Rvb Correction - Freq 0347z 11 May Georgia   20m/Phone
VA7JML 14 249,90 Georgia N4DPUQrz Rvb 59 in BC 0346z 11 May Georgia   20m/Phone
CT1EXS 14 180,00 Georgia N4DPUQrz Rvb 59/73 good day 0305z 25 March Georgia   20m/Phone
KE4GUQ 21 250,00 Georgia N4DPUQrz Rvb 59 CO 1727z 02 January Georgia   15m/Phone
CE2MVF 28 468,00 Georgia N4DPUQrz Rvb 2329z 29 December Georgia   10m/Phone
N4CR 14 200,00 Georgia N4DPUQrz Rvb CQ 0409z 17 December Georgia   20m/Phone