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Dx Information for KP3PI / Sunrise time : 10:42z / Sunset time : 22:31z
De Freq.   Dx Obs. Time Country LoTW Band/Mode
W2BXR 14 070,20 Puerto Rico KP3PIQrz Rvb 0036z 01 March Puerto Rico   20m/Digimode
EA8AIN 14 070,00 Puerto Rico KP3PIQrz Rvb Bpsk 2116z 18 January Puerto Rico   20m/Digimode
PT7DX 14 070,00 Puerto Rico KP3PIQrz Rvb 2204z 04 January Puerto Rico   20m/Digimode
WA3ERQ 14 070,00 Puerto Rico KP3PIQrz Rvb 2112z 28 December Puerto Rico   20m/Digimode
IK6ZEW 14 070,00 Puerto Rico KP3PIQrz Rvb Sorry Pedro ...73!!! 2112z 16 November Puerto Rico   20m/Digimode
LY7M 7 037,40 Puerto Rico KP3PIQrz Rvb 0404z 26 June Puerto Rico   40m/Digimode