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Dx Information for K9VM / Sunrise time : 11:43z / Sunset time : 23:52z
De Freq.   Dx Obs. Time Country LoTW Band/Mode
ZL1ALZ 28 345,00 Wisconsin K9VMQRZ.com ? CQ VK ZL 2336z 25 February Wisconsin   10m/Phone
XE2EX 24 955,00 Wisconsin K9VMQRZ.com ? 0024z 14 April Wisconsin   12m/Phone
BG4ALZ 21 230,00 Wisconsin K9VMQRZ.com ? TNX QSO 2347z 16 March Wisconsin   15m/Phone
BG4ALZ 21 230,00 Wisconsin K9VMQRZ.com ? TNX QSO 2355z 14 March Wisconsin   15m/Phone
KD4QHG 5 357,00 Wisconsin K9VMQRZ.com ? Thx for 60 meter contact 2358z 26 November Wisconsin   m/
PU5RDA 28 480,00 Wisconsin K9VMQRZ.com ? 5-9 TNX QSO 73 2336z 10 September Wisconsin   10m/Phone