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Dx Information for K5AB / Sunrise time : 12:12z / Sunset time : 23:28z
De Freq.   Dx Obs. Time Country LoTW Band/Mode
W4ABC 50 060,20 Louisiana K5ABQrz Rvb 559>EL87 2320z 22 October Louisiana   6m/Cw
PY2KC 28 280,00 Louisiana K5ABQrz Rvb 2055z 20 October Louisiana   10m/Phone
PR7RC 28 280,00 Louisiana K5ABQrz Rvb beacon from Texas 1248z 27 August Louisiana   10m/Phone
K7JA 50 060,00 Louisiana K5ABQrz Rvb Beacon EM01 > DM03 599 1715z 29 July Louisiana   6m/Cw
KE4WBO 50 060,00 Louisiana K5ABQrz Rvb 1334z 17 July Louisiana   6m/Cw
W9ALD 50 060,00 Louisiana K5ABQrz Rvb EN34GB<>EM01RK 1600z 15 July Louisiana   6m/Cw
NS8O 28 280,00 Louisiana K5ABQrz Rvb beacon ctx 1335z 14 July Louisiana   10m/Phone
W7WBB 50 059,00 Louisiana K5ABQrz Rvb DM26<ES>EM01 57 1502z 30 June Louisiana   6m/Cw
KC9TTR 50 058,00 Louisiana K5ABQrz Rvb beacon 2111z 29 June Louisiana   6m/Cw
WA8WZG 50 060,00 Louisiana K5ABQrz Rvb DM34<>EM01 599 strong 2032z 29 June Louisiana   6m/Cw
WA7GCS 50 060,00 Louisiana K5ABQrz Rvb CN85RC<ES>EM01 0325z 28 June Louisiana   6m/Cw
WT0J 50 060,00 Louisiana K5ABQrz Rvb EL98KO<ES>EM01 599 1952z 25 June Louisiana   6m/Cw
K9ZVZ 50 064,00 Louisiana K5ABQrz Rvb EN44<ES>EM01 0343z 23 June Louisiana   6m/Cw
K6ME 50 060,00 Louisiana K5ABQrz Rvb CN90RH<ES>EM01 Strong! 0458z 18 June Louisiana   6m/Cw
NF8M 50 060,00 Louisiana K5ABQrz Rvb EN82GL<ES>EM01 0119z 17 June Louisiana   6m/Cw
N8FNR 50 062,00 Louisiana K5ABQrz Rvb EN82KM<TR>EM01DP 2351z 17 June Louisiana   6m/Cw
AD6D 50 060,00 Louisiana K5ABQrz Rvb 0255z 02 June Louisiana   6m/Cw
K4LF 50 060,00 Louisiana K5ABQrz Rvb EM76VA<>EM01 1906z 01 June Louisiana   6m/Cw