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Dx Information for JR1JGA / Sunrise time : 21:42z / Sunset time : 08:04z
De Freq.   Dx Obs. Time Country LoTW Band/Mode
R3DQ 28 020,00 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb 0643z 28 January Japan   10m/Cw
YO8MI 28 020,00 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb 599 tnx Rio 0736z 27 January Japan   10m/Cw
UR6IR 28 020,00 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb tnx 0627z 27 January Japan   10m/Cw
RA6MA 28 020,00 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb 0613z 27 January Japan   10m/Cw
UA6YH 28 018,80 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb 0649z 15 January Japan   10m/Cw
KT8Y 28 038,00 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb 2333z 15 January Japan   10m/Cw
R4CA 28 028,00 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb 0603z 03 January Japan   10m/Cw
N3HE 28 037,70 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb RIO 2225z 05 December Japan   10m/Cw
NN4ZZ 28 032,00 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb op = Rio, gd in GA 0004z 05 December Japan   10m/Cw
9W6EZ 28 437,00 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb tnx my 1st contact today 2310z 03 December Japan   10m/Phone
K6FA 28 033,00 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb 0016z 02 December Japan   10m/Cw
KC0W 28 037,80 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb CQ.....Loud 2348z 27 November Japan   10m/Cw
W4TKI 28 037,00 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb 2239z 21 November Japan   10m/Cw
K1OT 28 038,00 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb Very loud in Maine 2328z 20 November Japan   10m/Cw
K0AOZ 28 033,00 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb Strong in MN CQ 2336z 18 November Japan   10m/Cw
W6KY 28 038,10 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb CQ CQ Endless... 2337z 11 November Japan   10m/Cw
K4RUM 28 037,70 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb CQ 2156z 04 November Japan   10m/Cw
W6OAR 28 010,00 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb 2210z 30 October Japan   10m/Cw
W8FJ 28 010,00 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb Rio 2208z 30 October Japan   10m/Cw
KP3W 28 037,80 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb 2240z 29 October Japan   10m/Cw
US8ICF 28 022,00 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb tnx dr Rio 73! 0618z 10 October Japan   10m/Cw
DS2XBJ 51 020,00 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb Fm Rio 6ele yagi 1031z 23 July Japan   6m/Phone
9W6EZ 29 300,00 Japan JR1JGAQrz Rvb 59 with heavy QSB 0830z 17 June Japan   10m/Phone