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Dx Information for I2RR / Sunrise time : 05:41z / Sunset time : 17:02z
De Freq.   Dx Obs. Time Country LoTW Band/Mode
UR0IG 24 970,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb Tnx QSO! 1344z 21 February Italy   12m/Phone
WD5DJX 28 492,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb SSB 59 TNX FRANK 1702z 11 February Italy   10m/Phone
N7XAZ 28 492,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb cq dx 1654z 11 February Italy   10m/Phone
IK6AWY 3 772,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb calling 2059z 06 February Italy   80m/Phone
SV1PAJ 21 300,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb 1354z 13 January Italy   15m/Phone
A61RJ 21 250,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb Thanks 5/9, 73's 1451z 07 January Italy   15m/Phone
SV1OCA 21 250,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb 1446z 07 January Italy   15m/Phone
PY1TV 24 976,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb 1701z 12 October Italy   12m/Phone
OH9EGH 24 974,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb thanks frank 1630z 07 October Italy   12m/Phone
IT9DKX 28 490,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb ciao Franco 5/9++ 1658z 28 August Italy   10m/Phone
TA2AKG 28 490,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb tnx for QSQ 73 59 1553z 28 August Italy   10m/Phone
4Z5SM 21 235,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb Tnx QSO Frank, 73! 0609z 28 August Italy   15m/Phone
IW2CNR 21 272,50 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb cq..cq..cq 1949z 27 August Italy   15m/Phone
PU4HAS 24 953,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb Too much noise, tnx QSO 2056z 23 August Italy   12m/Phone
PA3GEG 24 982,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb cq 1314z 22 August Italy   12m/Phone
MM3NRX 28 490,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb 5/9+20 cq cq 0846z 20 August Italy   10m/Phone
US5TT 21 260,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb tnx QSO 0834z 20 July Italy   15m/Phone
JA2FBC 21 260,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb cq 0734z 20 July Italy   15m/Phone
JA1HOX 21 247,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb Tnx FRANK 1652z 26 June Italy   15m/Phone
G4SKO 28 500,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb 73 1805z 02 June Italy   10m/Phone
DM3BJ 28 485,10 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb calling CQ 1356z 02 June Italy   10m/Phone
OM1ADP 21 200,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb 1351z 02 June Italy   15m/Phone
KZ1F 21 285,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb Frank, close to Milan 1934z 01 June Italy   15m/Phone
YO3IPR 28 485,00 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb pse QSY, 9A7JCY this QRG 1432z 01 June Italy   10m/Phone
F5NZO 18 128,40 Italy I2RRQrz Rvb cq 1346z 01 June Italy   17m/Phone