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Dx Information for DX1PUP / Sunrise time : 21:39z / Sunset time : 10:06z
De Freq.   Dx Obs. Time Country LoTW Band/Mode
4F1TDT 21 252,50 Philippines DX1PUPQrz Rvb CQ TEST 1958z 11 July Philippines   15m/Phone
4F1TDT 21 297,00 Philippines DX1PUPQrz Rvb CQ TEST 1908z 11 July Philippines   15m/Phone
DV1WMV 21 250,00 Philippines DX1PUPQrz Rvb CQ DX 0441z 11 June Philippines   15m/Phone
JA7JAS 21 230,00 Philippines DX1PUPQrz Rvb TNX QSO OP:YL 0749z 17 March Philippines   15m/Phone
JA1BAA 14 210,00 Philippines DX1PUPQrz Rvb 1127z 03 February Philippines   20m/Phone
JA3YBK 3 800,00 Philippines DX1PUPQrz Rvb 1715z 26 October Philippines   80m/Phone
W6XK 28 517,60 Philippines DX1PUPQrz Rvb CQWW 0137z 26 October Philippines   10m/Phone
JL1UTS 28 517,40 Philippines DX1PUPQrz Rvb WW 0044z 26 October Philippines   10m/Phone
7K4QOK 14 237,90 Philippines DX1PUPQrz Rvb 1507z 25 October Philippines   20m/Phone
VK3FZ 28 487,90 Philippines DX1PUPQrz Rvb 0355z 05 October Philippines   10m/Phone
VK5SFA 28 488,00 Philippines DX1PUPQrz Rvb CQ OC 0117z 05 October Philippines   10m/Phone
UA1AFT 14 209,90 Philippines DX1PUPQrz Rvb 1706z 04 October Philippines   20m/Phone
YO8RNI 14 223,00 Philippines DX1PUPQrz Rvb 1621z 04 October Philippines   20m/Phone
LA3BPA 21 240,10 Philippines DX1PUPQrz Rvb cq ocdx USB 1112z 04 October Philippines   15m/Phone