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Dx Information for D44C / Sunrise time : 08:02z / Sunset time : 19:37z
De Freq.   Dx Obs. Time Country LoTW Band/Mode
SV2JAO 28 027,30 Cape Verde D44CQrz Rvb 0652z 31 May Cape Verde   10m/Cw
HA3HO 7 013,00 Cape Verde D44CQrz Rvb 2230z 30 May Cape Verde   40m/Cw
HA3HO 7 010,00 Cape Verde D44CQrz Rvb Tks Carlos 2137z 28 May Cape Verde   40m/Cw
XE3DX 21 026,90 Cape Verde D44CQrz Rvb CQ DX 2302z 28 May Cape Verde   15m/Cw
EA7GO 50 107,00 Cape Verde D44CQrz Rvb cq 1812z 16 April Cape Verde   6m/Cw
ON8ON 28 466,90 Cape Verde D44CQrz Rvb 1655z 26 March Cape Verde   10m/Phone
IK7XGH 7 120,00 Cape Verde D44CQrz Rvb tnx 2049z 24 March Cape Verde   40m/Phone
YC8ROP 21 286,00 Cape Verde D44CQrz Rvb tnx Carlos..59 73 1559z 23 March Cape Verde   15m/Phone