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Dx Information for 7L2MDI / Sunrise time : 20:31z / Sunset time : 09:00z
De Freq.   Dx Obs. Time Country LoTW Band/Mode
LW1DXH 28 076,00 Japan 7L2MDIQrz Rvb JT65 0159z 08 December Japan   10m/Digimode
CA3SOC 28 076,00 Japan 7L2MDIQrz Rvb JT65 0146z 08 December Japan   10m/Digimode
LW9DYQ 28 076,00 Japan 7L2MDIQrz Rvb JT65 0107z 17 November Japan   10m/Digimode
G0RBD 21 076,00 Japan 7L2MDIQrz Rvb tnx jt65 73 tu... 1048z 24 August Japan   15m/Digimode
YY2ACA 21 069,90 Japan 7L2MDIQrz Rvb JT65 Mikio 73 -20 @ -703 0125z 12 August Japan   15m/Digimode
K0TAZ 14 077,20 Japan 7L2MDIQrz Rvb TU MIKIO JT65 73 1319z 14 July Japan   20m/Digimode