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Dx Information for 5H3BL / Sunrise time : 03:05z / Sunset time : 15:17z
De Freq.   Dx Obs. Time Country LoTW Band/Mode
EA1BN 14 271,00 Tanzania 5H3BLQRZ.com ? tnx qso 73 sandro 1759z 02 August Tanzania   20m/Phone
RV3QK 14 282,00 Tanzania 5H3BLQRZ.com ? 1738z 31 July Tanzania   20m/Phone
IZ1YUH 14 280,00 Tanzania 5H3BLQRZ.com ? Grazie Sandro!! 1715z 31 July Tanzania   20m/Phone
IZ2OWQ 14 280,00 Tanzania 5H3BLQRZ.com ? TX FOR NUICE QSO 1711z 31 July Tanzania   20m/Phone
ON3PHD 14 285,00 Tanzania 5H3BLQRZ.com ? 1750z 30 July Tanzania   20m/Phone
IZ1GDB 14 280,00 Tanzania 5H3BLQRZ.com ? sandro 1709z 30 July Tanzania   20m/Phone
9A7JCY 14 280,00 Tanzania 5H3BLQRZ.com ? 1709z 30 July Tanzania   20m/Phone
EA7TG 14 280,00 Tanzania 5H3BLQRZ.com ? via iv3rtl 1716z 21 July Tanzania   20m/Phone
IZ0GRR 14 272,00 Tanzania 5H3BLQRZ.com ? 1800z 19 July Tanzania   20m/Phone
EA5FWW 14 272,00 Tanzania 5H3BLQRZ.com ? Simplex, Via IV3RTL 1756z 19 July Tanzania   20m/Phone
EA5FWW 14 272,00 Tanzania 5H3BLQRZ.com ? TNX San 1749z 19 July Tanzania   20m/Phone