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Dx Information for G0EVY / Sunrise time : 08:00z / Sunset time : 15:54z
De Freq.   Dx Obs. Time Country LoTW Band/Mode
KC2SYF 3 788,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb 0321z 19 December England   80m/Phone
IW7DHC 3 788,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb 0436z 15 December England   80m/Phone
KA9DVL 3 786,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb dAVE 0651z 30 November England   80m/Phone
KW7Y 3 786,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb 0556z 26 November England   80m/Phone
KW7Y 7 151,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb 0310z 20 November England   40m/Phone
KB9GKG 7 155,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb Dave England 0456z 13 November England   40m/Phone
VA2GU 3 788,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb cq 40db! 0452z 12 November England   80m/Phone
AI0M 7 160,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb 0245z 09 November England   40m/Phone
G0PVR 7 137,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb correction callsign 0348z 09 October England   40m/Phone
KE2TR 7 131,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb 0435z 08 October England   40m/Phone
HJ1FAR 7 143,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb Rx . 5/9. .....73 ..Dave 0236z 28 August England   40m/Phone
PY2DV 7 143,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb Nice signal in SA 0237z 28 August England   40m/Phone
HJ1FAR 7 143,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb 5/9 .. 73 Sergei 0235z 28 August England   40m/Phone
YY6CAM 7 143,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb looking SA NA 0229z 28 August England   40m/Phone
YY5AJI 7 143,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb Good luck happy dx´s my frien 0222z 28 August England   40m/Phone
M3ZCP 7 133,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb 0328z 21 August England   40m/Phone
YY5VJL 7 132,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb ((( cq cq cq))) 0322z 09 August England   40m/Phone
KB2OEV 7 157,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb Dave and company 0116z 30 July England   40m/Phone
OA4AMN 7 142,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb Tnx for QSO - RS 5/9+ in Lima 0305z 27 June England   40m/Phone
PY2SPT 7 138,00 England G0EVYQrz Rvb 73 DAVE de simao ((((( BRASIL 0044z 20 June England   40m/Phone